MWCBS Announcements (Constitution changes and call for Secretary/Treasurer)

Notice of proposed change to the MWCBS Constitution

The MWCBS Executive is seeking membership approval to add the position of Immediate Past President to the Executive.  The proposed position will be a non-voting one.  The Immediate Past President will provide continuity and a valuable resource to the Executive in planning for future conferences, as well as carrying out public relations and outreach activities with other organizations to build useful partnerships for the MWCBS.  This amendment to the constitution will be proposed at the MWCBS annual Business Meeting at the luncheon in Chicago on Saturday 12 October 2013.  Any questions regarding this proposed amendment can be directed to the Secretary-Treasurer or the President.

Secretary/Treasurer for the MWCBS

The MWCBS is seeking someone to fill the position of Secretary/Treasurer.  The Secretary/Treasurer is a member of the Executive for a five-year term; their duties include helping to plan and administer the annual conference (most of this work takes place from July to October) and managing the MWCBS funds through their home institution.  The conference has adopted an easy-to-use online registration system, which has helped to greatly ease the work of the Treasurer.
The person who takes on this role will acquire great professional experience with the oldest regional and largest geographical British Studies conference.  In addition, Eric Tenbus, who has been in this position since 2009, has kindly agreed to remain in this role for an extra year, in order to work with the new Secretary/Treasurer,  explaining  the responsibilities and providing a period of transition.


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