Previous Conferences and Conference Presidents (links to conference programs on GoogleDocs)

1970 Allerton Park (Leo Solt)
1971 Chicago (Lacey Baldwin Smith)
1972 Iowa City (Lacey Baldwin Smith)
1973 Evanston (John Glaser)
1974 Minneapolis (John Glaser)
1975 Loyola or University of Chicago
1976 Cleveland State (Jacob Price)
1977 University of Chicago (Jacob Price) NACBS
1978 Allerton Park (Jacob Price)
1979 University of Illinois at Chicago (Joseph Altholz)
1980 Ohio State, Columbus (Joseph Altholz)
1981 Northwestern University (Walter Arnstein)
1982 Michigan State (Walter Arnstein)
1983 Chicago (Stanford Lehmberg)
1984 Toronto (Stanford Lehmberg) NACBS
1985 Newberry Library, Chicago (Clayton Roberts)
1986 Milwaukee (Clayton Roberts)
1987 Loyola, Chicago (T.W. Heyck)
1988 Miami at Oxford, Ohio (T.W. Heyck)
1989 University of Illinois at Chicago (Bentley B. Gilbert) NACBS
1990 Ann Arbor (M. Jeanne Peterson?)
1991 Madison (M. Jeanne Peterson)
1992 Minneapolis (M. Jeanne Peterson)
1993 Kent State (Roger B. Manning)
1994 Toronto (Roger B. Manning) 16th Century
1995 Ann Arbor (Michael MacDonald)
1996 Loyola, Chicago (Michael MacDonald) NACBS
1997 Kansas, Lawrence (Barrett Beer)
1998 Akron (Barrett Beer)
1999 University of Chicago (Gary De Krey)
2000 Cincinnati (Gary De Krey)
2001 Toronto (Robert Bucholz) NACBS
2002 Ohio State (Robert Bucholz)
2003 Illinois State, Bloomington-Normal (Marji Morgan)
2004 Michigan State (Marji Morgan), photos, menu
2005 University of Notre Dame (Melinda Zook)
2006 Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (Melinda Zook)
2007 Wright State University, Dayton (Hilda Smith)
2008 University of Cincinnati (Hilda Smith)
2009 University of Pittsburgh (Carol Engelhardt Herringer)
2010 Baldwin-Wallace College, Cleveland,  (Carol Engelhardt Herringer)
2011 Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN (Jason M. Kelly)
2012 University of Toronto (Jason M. Kelly)
2013 DePaul University (Warren Johnston)
2014 University of Minnesota & Hamline University, Minneapolis (Warren Johnston) with NACBS
2015 Wayne State University, Detroit (Lia Paradis)
2016 Iowa State University, Ames, IA (Lia Paradis)

2017 Webster University, St. Louis, MO (Eric Tenbus)

2018 University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (Eric Tenbus)

2019 Loyola University, Chicago, IL (Lisa Sigel)

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